1982 | The beginning

Francesca Di Maria opened a fashion atelier. In the picture her mother Catherine.

2000 | Montreal

Mission Economique devoted to the provinces of Palermo, Parade and exhibition.

2000 | Palermo

Teatro Massimo, "The Night of Fashion", Parade

2001 | Naples

Fifth Annual Fashion Gallery, Galleria Umberto, Parade and collection of high fashion bride coral.

2002 | Helsinki

'Project woman', Helsinki.

2004 | Curitiba

Maxi Italian Fashion, Fashion, Art and Culture do made in Sicily, parades.

2005 | Paris

Salon Prêt-à-porter collections A / W 2005-06 Exhibition, Fashion Show and Forum tendances.

2005 | Strasbourg

Theatre of the Opera National du Rhin. At the invitation of the Italian Cultural Strasbourg II Show "So much of the Hat" national de l'Opéra.

2006 | Milan

MilanoVendeModa, collections / Winter 2006-2007 prêt-à-porter.

2006 | Rome

RomaFashion, fifth edition, via Margutta, Parade.

2008 | Tokyo and Osaka

'Fashion Italy 33rd, 2009 Spring / Summer Collections'.

2010 | Milan

White Milan, Ex Ansaldo. Collection exhibition "Tanto di Cappello". Honorary Chair of Elio Fiorucci.

2012 | Perth

World Fashion Week, Exhibition Center, Parade.

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